More Preschool Theology

A few months ago I was filling up the car with gas when Clara giggled in the back seat and announced, "I am thinking about those cookies!"  She was referring to some cookies Thomas had brought home from a meeting the night before. I didn't think much of the comment until Clara continued, "I know I should be thinking about God, but I am thinking about the cookies."

Hmmmm.... what to say?  I could not really blame a four year old for thinking about cookies.  I think about them far too often myself.  But then again, we should never give ourselves over to things we sense are wrong... so, since preschool self-control is limited, I suggested this course of action.

"Clara, do you think you could think about God AND the cookie."

She lit up immediately and replied, "That is a great idea!  I will think about God the Father, and God the Son, and the Cookie!"

I laughed, feeling certain the Holy Spirit was not offended.