Thomas Cogdell is the real deal, a genuine man of peace.  When you first meet him you sense a great spiritual reservoir of grace and dignity.  This is combined by an all insatiable determination to see and experience the reconciliation of the Body of Christ.  He is Protestant and his wife is Catholic.  Their devotion and love for Christ’s Body is both compelling and joyous.  Restoration is the work of the heart and it is with heart that we will experience the reconciliation of the Body of Christ.  I highly commend Thomas and Christ the Reconciler to you.

- Dr. Rich Carney, Executive Director, Austin Bridge-Builder's Association (ABBA)

Theologian Yves Congar once said, "the way through the door of unity is on our knees."  The quintessential passion of prayer and discipleship have pervaded all my interactions with both Thomas and Amy Cogdell, whom I feel fortunate to call friends.  Amy is one of our parishioners at St. Austin Catholic parish; and Thomas and I are partners at the annual Lausanne Catholic-Evangelical dialogue in Chicago.  Through prayer, fellowship and respectful dialogue we continue striving to respond to the prayer of our Lord Jesus that "they may all be one." (John 17:21)  I look forward to seeing the beauty and scope of the Holy Spirit's work and their humble yet firm response in making Christ visible through this holy retreat grounds in Central Texas.

- Fr. René Constanza C.S.P., Associate Pastor, St. Austin's Parish

Thomas and Amy Cogdell have given themselves to the costly work of reconciliation. Theirs is a work of love that has crossed many boundaries of entrenched pain in the body of Christ. Theirs has been a journey that dares to peacefully question the value of adversity between various ethnic groups, and more, between Catholic and Protestant. Their journey has not compromised on the hard-held doctrinal differences between the various groups, but seeks to simply celebrate the unity that Jesus prays for in John 17.

Their commitment to peaceful integrity has resulted in the formation of a community of friends sharing the hope of the Gospel. The community in formation shares many of the attributes of the Taizé community in France that has attracted so many young people in Europe who are on a quest to find the reality of Christ.

I have known and blessed Thomas and Amy since they were members of our high school youth group at Hope Chapel in Austin, Texas back in the mid 1980s. It has been my joy to see their marriage and family be such a rich testimony of Christ's grace.

Now, with great anticipation, I stand on tiptoe to see the next step of their dream of a creative center of Godly vocation, of restoration, and of renewal of vision and soul.


- Dan Davis, founder, Pastors In Covenant