Perhaps the most profound statement ever made about work appears in John 17. Jesus is reporting to His Father about His ministry. In verse 4, he says, “I brought you glory on the earth by completing the work that you gave me to do.” From this, we learn that:

  • Work is given to us by our Father. It is a gift, not a burden.

  • Our Father doesn’t give us unending work. He give us completeable tasks.

  • Completing the tasks that our Father gives us brings Him glory on the earth.


The primary expression of work at Christ the Reconciler is Cielo.

But Cielo is not the only expression of work!

There is the everyday work of maintaining the house and property; preparing for Open Table and retreats; doing the bookkeeping and accounting required by our government for a non-profit; communicating via the website, Facebook, and newsletters; and too many other small tasks to be counted or listed.

When led by the Holy Spirit, we also give ourselves wholeheartedly to outside initiatives and projects. The most intensive project we have engaged in is Wittenberg 2017. What an amazing gift to us, to be invited by our Father to participate in that initiative! Other significant local initiatives we have given ourselves to have included the UT Rez Week House of Prayer, the Global Day of Prayer, and the Unceasing Prayer Initiative.