We believe that we are stewards of land, water and energy that belongs to God - not to us.  Our job is to keep it ready for Him and for His people to visit.  Conserving rather than wasting honors Him and also makes good financial sense.

Here are the steps we have taken ... so far:

  • Electric car charging station - available for visitors, community members, and Cielo employees who drive electric or hybrid cars

  • Geothermal HVAC system - the air conditioning uses water pumped into the ground, which chills during summer, and heats during winter … better for the environment, and lowers our electricity bills!

  • Ceiling fans - additional cooling and air circulation in almost every room

  • Insulation - including insulation in all walls (even interior - which reduces noise between rooms too), radiant barrier under the roof, and blown-in attic insulation

  • Reuse of water - Cielo's bottling operation produces 1 gallon of waste water for every 2 gallons purified and bottled ... that water is used instead of flushed down the drain

  • LED light bulbs - Used throughout the house to save energy, reduce heat, and decrease time required for maintenance

  • Dual-flush toilets - installed in selected bathrooms

  • Recycling - not easy to do in the country, but we are committed to it! (Also saves on garbage disposal costs)

  • Composting - more savings on garbage disposal costs, and creates healthier soil for gardens

  • Zero-VOC paints - used throughout the ministry center

Our future plans include:

  • Rain-water collection

  • Gray water reuse