NEWS & Upcoming Events

All are invited to all events.  Just show up!  Even better, let us know that you're coming!

+++ Open Table July 12 → Turkey trip report + meet Ken & Debbie

We will have Open Table this Friday. We are excited to report on all God did in Turkey, complete with some fun pictures!

Also, this will be the first Open Table with Ken & Debbie here – they were such a gift to watch over the house while we were in Turkey, and it appears that God is continuing to deepen the connections between us. Come and meet them!

Try to arrive by 5:30 pm, we’ll have Bridge Prayer at 5:50. Then dinner at 6:15, and the Turkey trip report at 7:00.

Amy will make Turkish chicken drumettes (!), so bring a side / salad / drink / dessert to round out the dinner. See you on Friday!

+++ Rescheduling the Adoption of the Statement of Personal Devotion

Just before we left for Turkey, we sent out an email canceling the planned June 7 celebration for a number of us adopting the Statement of Personal Devotion. The reason for waiting, was to try and make sure as many of us as possible would be present for this important date.

We are proposing to reschedule for a Saturday in August. Which Saturday? That’s up to you! To ensure as full participation as possible, we have put together a poll with the five possible dates, and we would like to ask you to visit this link, and indicate the date or dates that work for you:

Note that you can check a date that definitely works for you, or you can double-click the date to indicate that it’s possible but not optimal. Make sense? If not, contact me directly to help you with any problems you encounter.

Important: Please fill out the poll by Friday, July 12. We would like to set the date next weekend, and announce it next week. Thank you!

We are looking forward to this important milestone in the journey of CTR!

+++ Funding & Air Conditioning Update

While we were gone, significant progress was made on the A/C at CTR. We’ve switched service providers to Tradewinds, a company out of Waco. They have been much more responsive, and did a lot of work while we were in Turkey. Ken Heneise, who has experience with HVAC systems, was the CTR contact and also helped out a lot – thank you Ken!

We don’t have the bill quite finalized yet, but it appears to be around $10,000. This includes new geo-thermal pumps, complete flushing and re-filling of the geo-thermal lines, significant investigation and tuning of the configuration and settings, troubleshooting of problems in the air flow and electrical system, Freon recharge, installation of valves, and other work.

We don’t have the funds in our bank account currently to write this check, but we trust our Father in heaven to provide! We need to be timely in our payments to Tradewinds, as I am sure you all appreciate.

All of us who are part of the community have a stake in having an air conditioning system working well, each time we come for a retreat, Open Table, or other visit!

Can you make a one-time gift or commit to regular monthly giving towards property maintenance? I have created an account on our giving page called “Air Conditioning” ☺

Thank you! There is more work that will be needed in years to come, but we hope that the work that is just completed will buy us some time of just regular maintenance rather than major repairs. We also are looking at some other possible ways to help with insulation, blocking the afternoon sun, etc. We’ll continue to keep you updated moving forward.

+++ Turkey Trip - Amy's Teachings

Here is the link to Amy’s teachings. Her topic was “Friendship with God”. She spoke three times, first on Abraham, then Moses, and finally Jesus. Many of the long-term workers in Turkey who were there, were deeply impacted by the depth & freshness of her teachings.

We CTR'ers didn’t only pour ourselves out in service ... God poured into us as well. He opened some potentially very important doors for CTR moving forward. If you can't make it on Friday night, and you're interested in hearing more, email us and we'll find a time to meet with you. Thanks!

+++ Upcoming CTR events - mark your calendar

Note: we’ll get other July & summer/fall dates on the calendar soon!

* July 12 – Open Table (Turkey trip report + Meet the Heneises)

* August ?? – Adopting the Statement of Personal Devotion (actual date TBD)

Special request for perfume wearers:  There are community members with sensitivities to synthetic perfumes, so please try to use only all-natural perfumes when you come to CTR.  Thank you for your consideration!

Regular Weekly Prayer Times

The prayer room is open from 7:45 am to 6:15 pm each weekday.  All are welcome to come and pray at any time while the prayer room is open.  Access can be either through the main house (ring the bell) or directly through the door in back.

Our first goal in establishing continuous prayer at Christ the Reconciler is morning, noon & evening Bridge Prayer.  Here are the times that we have Bridge Prayer scheduled, each day:

Morning : 7:50 am - 8:10 am

Noon : 11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Evening : 5:50 pm - 6:10 pm

We currently don't have enough volunteers to conduct Bridge Prayer at each of these times, every day.  If you would like to volunteer to lead a Bridge Prayer session, contact us and let us know!

Open Table

Every* Friday night we have Open Table.  Which basically means, "come to dinner!"  

* It's always a good idea to contact us if you don't receive the weekly newsletter.  The reason is that sometimes Open Table is cancelled (for example if the Cogdells are out of town) ... and we would hate for you to show up and be disappointed!

All are welcome to come, but we ask that you RSVP so we know that you are coming.  We will have a simple soup, you can come as you are or bring bread/salad/dessert to share.

5:30 pm - Arrival

5:50 pm - Bridge Prayer

6:15 pm - Dinner - and afterwards, discussion, prayer & worship, sunset walking, game playing, or however the Spirit leads us!

8:00 pm (or thereabouts) - Departure