NEWS & Upcoming Events

All are invited to all events.  Just show up!  Even better, let us know that you're coming!

+++ No Open Table on Friday 

Because of the retreat the next day.

+++ A Special Message from Amy

From our beloved abbess:

Early this year the Lord gave us some clear direction for the community of Christ the Reconciler.  We believe the Trinity wants us to spend time in the Last Supper Discourse, with a special emphasis on John 17.  We are asking the Holy Spirit to show us what it means to love one another the way Jesus and the Father love one another, the way Jesus loves us.

Throughout the remainder of the year, we will be meditating on these five chapters in John (13-17), asking the Holy Spirit to speak to us.  We expect the Holy Spirit to speak directly, and also through one another.   This is the reason the format of the retreats will be “circle preaching.” 

While it may sound intimidating, circle preaching is not so different from Lectio Divina exercises we have done in the past.  There will be more time for silence, and then a bit more time (with a time limit) for each individual to speak.  

In Wittenberg we spent a day with intercessors before our gathering, circle preaching from John 17. It was beautiful, encouraging experience to hear the Spirit speak uniquely through each brother and sister, whose ages ranged from 14 to the 50s.  

Please consider coming to this first retreat if you are able … even if you are nervous about the speaking part.  I am certain you will be strengthened in listening.  No one is required to "preach," though I am certain the Spirit will give everyone an insight or perspective to bless the greater Body.  And I am confident that the Lord will be at work shaping our community according to His will.

Here’s the link to register: (note that you can now pay for the retreat when you register)

Here are the details:

* Date:   Saturday, April 21
* Time:  9:45 am – 2:00 pm
* Location:  Christ the Reconciler, 2142 FM 1704 Elgin TX 78621
* Cost: $25/person, $35/couple, $10/teen …
      … but 1st-time guests are always free, using codes provided on the registration form
* Food:  CTR will provide the entrée, please bring a side / dessert / drink for lunch.
* Childcare:  $5/child
* Register:  Use this link  to register and pay
* Deb Dorman Gala Afterwards:  We’re ending a little early so that those of us going to the Deb Dorman gala will be able to make it without rushing too badly.  Here are details: 

+++ CTR Donations Turned Back On

We had a “card runner” attack against our payment website last week.   A series of $1 donations from stolen credit card numbers were made, to test which cards worked.  This didn’t cost us anything, to speak of – but resulted in our payment gateway temporarily being shut down.  It is now back up.  There is one difference, hopefully temporary – you have to login to CCB to donate now, rather then just filling out the form without logging in.  We hope to have the simpler non-login donation form back up, soon.  Thanks for your patience!

+++ Imagine Art exhibit with Hanna Miley

This Thursday night is the “Moveable Feast” at Imagine Art, 2830 Real Street 78722.  Great music (Quartet for the End of Time!), great food … and great photos!  Ryan Thurman and I have entered 8 photographs of Hanna Miley in the “Treasures from Darkness” exhibit, which focuses on the Holocaust in Poland. 

It is hosted by Imagine Art in collaboration with Mark Lit (former CEO of the Jewish Community Center) and Austin Chamber Music! I encourage you to consider attending on April 19 ($25), or the regular free opening of the photography exhibit will be April 26.  Here is where you buy tickets for this Thursday: 

Below are some details from our good friend Debbie Kizer.  

Mark Lit is the primary artist featured in the back gallery. He is Jewish and his exhibition is a series of photographs that are also on permanent exhibition at the Holocaust Museum in Detroit.  We are replicating some of the photos and there will be a concurrent exhibition at the Jewish Community Center. Mark and I have had an ongoing conversation about Jewish traditions and we are interested in introducing Jewish history and tradition to the community - which is what inspired this exhibition. 

* Exhibit Run dates: April 14-May 6th (de-install is May 7th) 
* Artist Reception ($25): April 19th 7-10 pm - Moveable Feast with the Austin Music Chamber

The Austin Chamber Music will play The Quartet of the End of Time.  It was written in 1941, inside a concentration camp, with 4 instruments on hand.   The composer dedicated the quartet “in homage to the Angel of the Apocalypse, who raises his hand towards Heaven saying ‘There shall be no more time.’ ” The movement titles were drawn from the biblical Revelation to John.

I am intrigued by this composition and how it links to New Testament book of Revelation.   As a Christian I have personally been exploring a theme of treasures being found in darkness.  This is where the show title comes into play - Treasures from Darkness - it is based on a scripture in Isaiah 45.   I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.

+++ Retreat Schedule through October

We have set dates for upcoming retreats.

* May 19 – John 14 CTR Retreat
* June 16 -  John 15 CTR Retreat  
* July 14 – CTR Fun Day (location TBD … but there will be awesome swimming!)
* August 31 - September 1 –Richard Harvey, Messianic Jewish theologian
* September 22 – John 16 CTR Retreat
* October 27 – John 17 CTR Retreat

+++ Upcoming CTR events - mark your calendar

* April 19:  Moveable Feast @ Imagine Art, 7 pm ($25)
* April 20:  NO Open Table
* April 21:  CTR Retreat:  Circle Preaching through John 13 … then Dorman Gala (in Austin)
* April 26:  Treasures of Darkness Exhibit @ Imagine Art (free)
* April 30:  Special Open Table with Dave & Kathi Peters
* May 4:  Open Table
* May 11:  Open Table
* May 18:  NO Open Table
* May 25:  Special Open Table with Jany and Philippe Raynaud from France
* May 19 – John 14 CTR Retreat
* June 16 -  John 15 CTR Retreat  
* July 14 – CTR Fun Day (location TBD … but there will be awesome swimming!)
* August 26 – Mark Kinzer, Messianic Jewish theologian
* August 31 & Sept. 1 – Richard Harvey, Messianic Jewish theologian
* September 22 – John 16 CTR Retreat
* October 27 – John 17 CTR Retreat

Contact CTR and request the Volunteer Email if you want to be informed weekly of upcoming events and opportunities to volunteer.

Regular Weekly Prayer Times

The prayer room is open from 7:45 am to 6:15 pm each weekday.  All are welcome to come and pray at any time while the prayer room is open.  Access can be either through the main house (ring the bell) or directly through the door in back.

Our first goal in establishing continuous prayer at Christ the Reconciler is morning, noon & evening Bridge Prayer.  Here are the times that we have Bridge Prayer scheduled, each day:

Morning : 7:50 am - 8:10 am

Noon : 11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Evening : 5:50 pm - 6:10 pm

We currently don't have enough volunteers to conduct Bridge Prayer at each of these times, every day.  If you would like to volunteer to lead a Bridge Prayer session, contact us and let us know!

Open Table

Every* Friday night we have Open Table.  Which basically means, "come to dinner!"  

* It's always a good idea to contact us if you don't receive the weekly newsletter.  The reason is that sometimes Open Table is cancelled (for example if the Cogdells are out of town) ... and we would hate for you to show up and be disappointed!

All are welcome to come, but we ask that you RSVP so we know that you are coming.  We will have a simple soup, you can come as you are or bring bread/salad/dessert to share.

5:30 pm - Arrival

5:50 pm - Bridge Prayer

6:15 pm - Dinner - and afterwards, discussion, prayer & worship, sunset walking, game playing, or however the Spirit leads us!

8:00 pm (or thereabouts) - Departure