Patterns and Purpose Workshop:
A Journey of Personal Reconciliation

January 16 & 17, 2016
9am to 6pm Saturday & 9am to 5pm Sunday
Christ the Reconciler Retreat Center
2142 FM 1704
Elgin TX 78621

How do we reconcile the concept of a loving God with the often harsh and painful realities of our personal stories? Is our life merely the result of random positive and negative experiences, or could a redemptive pattern be emerging that we have not seen? What is God doing in the world and could he have a larger story that could bring redemptive purpose to our individual stories?

God has a story and we have a story and they’re similar in that God made us in His image. God’s story is made up of both positive and negative events and circumstances. So is our story. God’s positive and negative timeline reveals both a pattern and a purpose, as does our timeline. God is at work redeeming the negative turns in His story. He’s inviting us to partner with Him in redeeming the negatives in our own story and join Him in His redemptive work in the world. 

Through mapping our personal timeline, self-reflection, and one-on-one interactions, plus seeking God through listening prayer, we will discover answers to these questions and begin a journey of reconciliation that will lead to a life marked by more meaningful relationships with God and others and clearly purposeful acts of partnering with God and His work in the world.

This workshop is intended to be limited in numbers so that there is plenty of space and opportunity for solitude, prayer and meeting with workshop leaders one-on-one. With this in mind, we only have space for 12 to attend, so please register early to secure your spot.

Because this is the first Patterns and Purpose Workshop, we want to make it easy for participants to attend; we are offering this event at half-price:

$95 for individuals (includes breakfast and lunch both days)
$150 for couples (includes breakfast and lunch both days)

Space is very limited.  If you are interested in attending, please contact us and let us know.