Jesus Prays The Upper Room Discourse

We at Christ the Reconciler are hearing the call from God to “live out John 17”. What does this mean?

One aspect of this is study. We must know what Jesus prayed. We should care about the cry of his heart. We should pay attention to his prayer.

Here is a study guide is meant to be one resource for us to do this:

In this study guide, we place the words of John 17 in the center of each page, phrase by phrase. Around those words are other verses, drawn from the Upper Room Discourse (John 13 – 16) which are related in some way. This helps us see that the Discourse informs the Prayer; and the Prayer prays the Discourse.

How to use it? You can certainly read through sequentially. But you might ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, and simply open to one page or one part, making that your focus. Pray the words of John 17. Meditate on the surrounding words. Marinate in the words and prayers of Jesus, until they are lodged in your heart … as they are in the heart of your Savior, your King, your Bridegroom!