2 historic prayer times!

On Friday night, we had our first AHOP prayer meeting at Christ the Reconciler!

During the septic walkthrough earlier in the day, I told the septic guy, "Once we have floors, A/C, and at least one toilet ... we're having a prayer meeting!"  (He raised his eyebrows a little at that ;-)

It was wonderful to gather, have dinner together underneath the Bread of Life mural, sing together in the (very live) Great Room, worship the God of eternity, and intercede for Iraqi Christians and for Ferguson.  

The next day, the Cogdells moved in.  We were very thankful for our wonderful Elgin hosts, but also ready to let them have their house back!  After we spent the day moving boxes and furniture into the house, somewhat haphazardly, I was delighted when John Patrick said at 9:30 pm, "When are we going to pray?"  "Go get your guitar!" I said, and off we went, praising God for His goodness in the midst of unpacking-to-do ...