Yesterday we left our Austin apartment.  God was very gracious to us in our stay at La Montreaux, it was a peaceful refuge for us between AHOPs (Seabrook and Christ the Reconciler).  As we drove out 290 (in a caravan of friends with cars jammed full of our stuff), we were aware that this was not the same as the many other trips we had taken on the same route.  We were leaving behind our life as Austinites, and becoming Elginites.  As Amy likes to say, "The city mice are becoming country mice."  This in no way decreases our love for and commitment to Austin.  But it is a significant transition, and one I am looking forward to hearing more from God about in coming days and months.

God once again gave us a beautiful sign in the heavens ... actually two.  When we arrived at CTR, the setting sun in the west was illuminating the storm clouds in the east.  The glory was visible!


Then, when we were unpacking later at Jim & Lissa's nearby house, my nieces Sarah & Becca saw a huge meteor arc through the sky, leaving a fiery trail.  Jim has a history of God marking significant events with meteors, so this was a lovely sign.  Thank you God!

We feel so welcomed to Elgin.  Not only by Jim & Lissa (the hosts with the most!), but when we arrived at CTR to unpack some stuff, our dear friends Phillip & Caroline were there waiting to welcome us.  We prayed together as the day ended, and a new season began.