Jim Janknegt Art Auction!

Please read below a time-sensitive announcement from Jim Janknegt, a wonderful artist who helped to design AHOP’s last two prayer rooms at Chicon and on Real Street.

My good friends Amy and Thomas Cogdell are building a prayer & retreat center in Elgin, TX called Christ the Reconciler. I have the honor of designing and painting a large (about 11’ x 13’) mural that will be in the dining room. The theme is Jesus, the Bread of Life.

 I am donating my time.  The purpose of this message is that I am also auctioning off the initial painting of the mural design to raise funds for the materials and supplies to do the actual mural!

Here’s a digital image of the painting, which is acrylic on canvas and is 20”x22":

And for those of you still interested … here are the details:

  • The auction starts now and will continue until 4:30 pm on Friday, June 20th.
  • The mock up goes to the highest bidder.
  • You can place your bids by emailing me at jim@bcartfarm.com.
  • Check my web site for the progress of the auction at www.bcartfarm.com/CRTmural.html.
  • You can also donate funds to the project at this web site, if you want to support the project without bidding in the auction
  • If you are the high bidder, the mock up will be delivered to you once the mural is completed, hopefully by the end of the summer.
  • You must make payment to me in one week, by June 27th 2014 either by check or by Paypal.
  • f you do not make the payment in time, the auction will be awarded to the next highest bidder.

Many thanks to Jim for this incredibly generous and beautiful offer!  I’ll only add that if you want to purchase some of Jim’s art at a lower price :-) he has just been honored to be the artist for the 2015 Augsburg Fortess liturgical calendar – see http://store.augsburgfortress.org/store/product/19899/Calendar-of-Word-and-Season-2015-Year-B?c=285662  for details and to purchase.

Grace to you from Jesus,