RV, Worship, and Preachin'!

This past weekend saw three significant activities.

First, we walked through the RV that will sit outside the retreat house and be available for guests to stay in.  It's really amazing, and will be a great place for people to stay!  Here's a picture of the owner Glenn (Erin's father) with me and Sam, in front of the RV.

Thomas Sam Glenn and the RV.JPG

One of the fun things about the RV is that it's made by the "Thomas" bus company.  That gave me the opportunity to snap this photo, of a catalog which my wife no doubt wishes she could order from!

Thomas Catalog.jpg

Second, a group of about 20 of us gathered at the house on Saturday to worship, pray through the house, and thank the Lord for His awesome work in bringing us into ownership.  Here's a picture of the first worship song being sung in the retreat house, under our ownership (Ethan on the guitar):

Worshipping in CTR.jpg

Finally, on Sunday Amy preached at Hope Chapel.  How cool to have a Catholic woman preaching at a Protestant non-denominational church!!  She taught on Anna and Simeon and the "consolation of Israel" ... and in the words of one who came up and spoke to me, "she rocked the house" (here's a link to listen if you want to):

Amy Teaching at Hope Chapel.JPG