More encouragement in our vision for CTR

I (Thomas) went out on Monday to meet our builder and electrician, and Bluebonnet's technician, to work on getting temporary power for construction to the house.  Wayne our builder introduced me to Ron, his stucco subcontractor.

Ron was alive with the love of Jesus!  He had been saved from alcoholism - literally delivered of the desire to drink in one night, as his wife prayed.  Since then he has dedicated himself to telling others about the power of God that set him free.

Ron the Stucco Guy.jpg

Before he left, Ron handed me a sheet that was ultra encouraging.  It was written by Dr. Richard. C. Halverson of the Community Bible Study, and began:  "Christ is One - His Church is One!"  Some sentences that jumped out at me included:

  • "Is Christ Divided?" (1 Cor. 1:13) - In answering itself, the question reduces to size every issue that divides believers.
  • Oneness does not eliminate differences ... God's creation is of vast diversity without which there would be no beauty, no design, no harmony.
  • To absolutize secondary issues and allow them to divide believers is a form of idolatry - the worship of something less than Jesus Christ Himself.

My encounter with Ron seems a beautiful and un-looked-for encouragement not only of the vision of Christ the Reconciler, but also of Wittenberg 2017 and Austin House of Prayer.

Thank you Lord!